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Sunday, April 13, 2008

CrossFit Hero Workout: "Daniel"

Stuart put in another gutsy Sunday performance
His Kids came to cheer him at the finish!
Keturah is keeping that torso straighter leading to a more efficient thruster!
Andrea T was explosive on the thrusters!Katie and Elise kipped their way through 100 chin-ups!
Georgia surprised us with a Sunday appearance
She is really dialed in!
Way to stretch that band out MJ!
Now you need to get that head and chest forward more
Great progress today!

CrossFit Hero Workout:
50 Pull-ups
400 meter run
21 Thrusters (65lb W, 95lb M)
800m run
21 Thrusters
50 Pull-ups

Andrea S. 24:56
Craig 25:41
Georgia 26:24
Danny 32:26
Katie 33:13
Amber 33:44
Keturah 37:00

1 Scale:
Charlie 25:40 (35lb DB)
Elise 34:16 (25lb DB)
Andrea T. 39:58 (60 chin – Rx Thrust)

2 Scale:
MJ 43:44 (60g, 20lb db)
Kaii 42:22 (40g, 20lb db)


georgia said...

Sunday was so much fun! I wish I could make it in more often.

Katie - Hope the double went ok.
Amber - You're awesome and soooo strong! We hope you come back upstairs and work out with us.
Stuart - Your daughters are wonderful. So smart! So outgoing! And totally adorable in the ballerina skirts.

Amber said...

Thanks you guys so much for letting me join in! I had SO much fun!

All ya'll amazed me with your kipping on those moving pullup bars - Great job! I SO need some practice. :)

Katie said...

Georgia- Double after Daniel = bad idea... after 12+ hours on my feet I hurt everywhere... although funny story... my boss had to go by bandaids so that he could cover my torn blisters... haha... that's what they get for making me work yesterday morning! But it did seriously suck... not to mention there was a bunch of bad crappity crap yesterday too... but thanks for thinking of me! :)