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Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Preview Class CrossFit Oldtown

We had 11 brand new CrossFit Prospects Walk through the door and experience a free trial workout tonight - We will do the same thing on Wednesday and Friday of this week ALL at 5:00PM - Next Monday May 5th begins our regular evening classes - Mon-Wed-Fri all at 5:00PM
Walking through the door and experiencing why and how our approach to fitness is so different then anything you’ve ever experienced is a tough first step for some - I've made it a whole lot easier by offering these free preview classes - Come on in and see what this whole CrossFit thing is about and why folks are talking about us.

Tonight, we introduced some core CrossFit movements and then rolled up our sleeves to have at some short, intense, and brutally effective tabata circuits

1 comment:

keturah said...

Good job Jerry...

To all the newbies, joining crossfit is the end of your search for total fitness. Keep coming...