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Friday, April 4, 2008

Measurable Results

"You can't manage it if you don't measure it."

Gar's March Logbook:
Number of Days w/ Workouts 22 out of a possible 31 for 70.97%GOAL = 71%

Number of Days CFOT 21 out of a possible 26 for 80.76%Goal = 71%
(my note: we held workouts on 26 of the 31 days in March, Gar made 21 of them!)

Weight loss since 10/08/08 after back injury and return to CFOT = 31 lbs

2008 Weight Loss = 15 lbs

Goal = 40 lbs

Avg. Monthly Weight Loss From Nov. 2007 =5.82 lbs / month


Other notes from Gar:

This would actually be better if I had workouts in there. For example Fran in Feb = x Fran in March =x. I plan to do this in the future - as we do more named workouts

What I find in my life, is consistency of workouts is the up hill of the roller coaster, diet is the apex and everything else is easy and down hill. To me this means, if I concentrate and spend all energy on getting in there everyday, everything else is easy AND everything else is better. trust me I will not eat pizza for lunch and undo all the positives we made this morning.

Having a kid has made this all easier. In addition to the motivation for everything, my life is far more managed now - I have no choices for workouts - either I do it at 6 am or it doesn't get done. No sleeping in thinking I will get to it after work - as I don't have those options as a father...

1. (below) Recent 2. (below)Recent

3. (below)Five months ago
(Gar is swinging a 35lb Kettlebell in this picture, he regularly handles the 88lber these days!)
4. (below) Five Months Ago...
Today he is all smiles!)
"To me this means, if I concentrate and spend all energy on getting in there everyday, everything else is easy AND everything else is better."



McSemperFiWife said...

HOORAY FOR GAR! You're the man! Jillian would be so proud.



georgia said...

"You can't manage it if you don't measure it."

Oh, Gar! You are truly the real deal when it comes to marketing. Way to "Envision" and achieve your goals. ;)

Jerry Hill said...


Dec 06 2007
Gar 12:07 Pro weight but scaled to 9reps X 5rounds due to chinups

March 26 2008
Gar 7:45 as prescribed

Congrats on the progress and thanks for being such a dynamic part of our CrossFit Old Town Team!

Gar said...

- McCall: Thanks. As I said, Jerry is my Jillian!

- Georgia: Of course, I did not coin that phrase, but I didn’t learn it at Envision. However, I do believe Jerry is creating “unique experiences that provide lifetime advantage” and I hope one day to be a “high achiever.” ;-)

- Katie: “Frank the Tank is not coming back, ok? That part of me is over. Water under the bridge. I promise.”

- Jerry: Thanks for creating the environment!

Katie said...

Well, maybe Frank could come back for a visit sometime... just to stop by and you know, say hi or something... I was planning maybe a Katiepalooza soon... ;)

On a serious note, I think sometimes it hard to always see the changes in people because we see them everyday and things are so gradual. When I see your pictures Gar, the hard work is evident. You truly are an inspiration! Keep up the hard work! :)

keturah said...

Gar, Gar, Gar, what can I say? You are the one in a million that people are always looking for. Keep up the good work. Don't forget we have a max chin up deal, 16 a piece.