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Monday, June 16, 2008

New CrossFit Oldtown Facility

Breaking News!

CrossFit Oldtown
Opens a brand new facility in November!
805 N Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314

We will offer a Full Schedule of Classes
Email Interest Today!

I'm regularly posting on our new community site - it has some great features and would love for you to be a part of our CrossFit Old Town Community:

CrossFit Old Town

Find more photos like this on CrossFit Oldtown

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Embrace the Chaos

Team 5p is Tuff!

Another great early evening effort is the blue room:
1. Max Strict press - tons of personal records!
We didn't record them all though!
Oh well, we'll set new ones next time...

2. Drop 15% of max strict press weight and hit max effort reps of hang power clean to a push press x 2 rounds

3. Head outside!
For Time:
Run 250 meters
50 squats
Run 250 meters
40 squats
Run 250 meters
30 squats
Run 250 meters
20 squats

Great effort and intensity!

Stronger, leaner, and fitter...

Overhead is...OVERHEAD!

I thought we did an incredible job going overhead on the strict press today! We stayed super-tight, drove the bar straight up, and powered our core forward.

Our core strength is through the roof – please tell me that your abs are tight, strong, and (eh hem) in summer shape…cause I see the improvement in the first 2, if the 3rd is in question we need to step up the zone.

As great as a job we did on the strict press we got a bit loose on the push press.
Our problems were part hip extension, softening the core, and shoulder stability.

We need to continue to work on mastering the wave of contraction from hip to core to extremities. A better venue to discuss and practice is in the blue room…

However, I’ll leave you with something to think about; if your first move in the push press is to lean back with the torso instead of dip with the hips you are more likely to lock out in front of you with extra arch in your back verse locked out overhead. Be sure to look at the push press pictures closely to see if you can spot this tendency. Is this muted hip function, core strength, shoulder mobility?

“Back in the day” I used to Rx overhead barbell walks to my athletes with an incomplete lockout perhaps its time to re-instate this medicine…

Adrienne gets back on the bar, Awesome!
Alyce ditches the band and gets over the bar, congrats!
Melanie is feeling good and in a groove!
Harold dials in on his Kip
Mike powers through his ring dips
Bryn goes Pink!
Shelly goes Pink!

Flickr Pictures

Several personal records on the strict press
Be sure to mark a "pr" next to your press number when you record it on the white board!
Stacey set the new CrossFit Oldtown press record at 105lb!
Danny presses 155lb at 130lb bodyweight, are you kidding me?!


I'd like to take a moment to honor the life of an American hero; Jack Lucas the youngest Marine to ever earn the Medal of Honor died recently...Read More...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Food Munchin'

I have a certain time of the day when I get real hungry
A simple strategy for me is to eat something tasty, then have some dig in and munch food, followed by a change of taste.
I cook some (or have it pre-cooked) 93% lean beef in diced tomatoes (canned with onions and garlic) and add in a few more spices on my own...this is my tasty part.
When I'm hungry, I want VOLUME...
Volume could come from way too many almonds, or some unfavorable carb...
Instead I like to take a bag of sugar snap peas or a bag of green beans and sit down to munch...I don't serve it up...I munch it right outta the bag like it's a bag of (insert your favorite chip here)...part psychological, part hunger instincts...but by allowing myself to munch as much as I want it calms the crave long enough for...
My change of taste!
I'll have a fresh cup of Joe waiting for dessert...it's the perfect change of taste and cleansing of the palate I need!

Tuesday morning workout:
We had a different start this morning as we continued to dial in on hip function, core strength, and postural alignment in the deadlift. The modified deadlift is a wonderful movement that really targets the Glutes and Hammies!
We coupled our modified deadlift with some upper body strength on the rings...
The pace increased for our circuit but was fairly maintainable - A good day of working the basics in a no rest needed Stacey style workout!

Robin's Rockin'

Robin has been rockin' the blue room with the women of team 5p...
Way to dial in!

Team 5p gets stronger and fitter every session!

Up the Volume

Monday was a sneaky little circuit that got difficult in a hurry...
It was also a sneaky little plot to get a few of you to up that pullup volume!
Here is what you did based on rounds:
11 rounds = 66 pullups and burpees!
12 = 78
13 = 91
14 = 105
15 = 120

While not many of you said it was Fun, I thought it was!

Maybe next time we'll work down from 15!

Great effort...

Extreme BullFit Video

Chriss and Gar go at "Extreme BullFit"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Extreme BullFit

"Extreme BullFit"
75 Hang Power Snatch
75 Barbell Thrusters
*For Time*
Pro: 53lb Women - 75lb Men

Partition Like this:


Pro: 53lb Women – 75lb M
Gar 11:54
Chriss 12:13
Andrea 13:34
Stacey 14:04
Katie 18:41
Charlie 18:53
Harold 21:42
Laura 22:46
Brandon 23:46
Stuart 24:27

Adrienne 12:29 (45lb)
Chris 17:29 (65lb)
Pat 18:17 (65)
Kara 20:40 (45)
Robin 18:41 (35)
Bryn 19:30 (35)
James 28:38
Keturah and Teaka with some subbed chaos!
Thanks for the Pictures Keturah!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A CrossFit Oldtown 95 degree Epic

We worked up to a heavy 10 rep [hang power clean to push jerk] then had at an instant classic on our first 95+ degree day

3 rounds for time:

800 Meter Run
10 hpc-pj
20 pullups
30 box jump

Pro 85lb W - 135lb M
Pack 75 - 115
Porch 65 - 95

Chriss 135lb 30:35
Jeremy 105lb 40:30
Mike 105lb 41:21
Jason 95lb 33:33
Richard 95lb 40:15
Clarissa 65lb 42:37 (12r)
Cheryl 45lb 44:07 (12r)
Kevin 55lb 40:45 (12r)
Brenda 35lb 40:36 (12r green)
Laura 65lb 32:00 (2 rounds)
Keith 55lb 27:45 (2 rounds)
Stacey (40r med ball clean) 36:47

(below) a weird sweat angel

Friday, June 6, 2008

From the hang to overhead

Georgia had some of the fastest and most efficient movement all day...
She has completely dialed in on our CrossFit Oldtown Classic;
"From the hang to overhead"

Hang Power Clean to a Push Jerk
2 Minutes of Work
2 Minutes of Rest
6 rounds

Pro: (85lb W - 135lb M)
Stacey 121 reps
Gar 75
Joel 74
Katie 73
Craig 65

Pack (75 W - 115 M)

Georgia 115 reps
Lef 88
Karen 86

Porch: (65 W - 95 M)

Keturah 100 reps
Stuart 100lb x 69 reps
Danny 100
Matt 93
Steven 87
Sarah 55
Kaii 45lb x 95
Robin 45lb x 91

Flickr Pictures uploaded soon...