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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jerry Hill CrossFit Challenge: The King of all Exercises

With a bit more time on Sunday...
We worked on the Hang Squat Clean for a solid 40 minutes!

Some excellent progress!

I really enjoyed the last 2 training sessions...
It feels great watching you all dial in on some of these tougher but oh so important movements...

The goal was to work up to a technically proficient and heavy Hang Squat Clean
We had some great efforts!
A shout out to Katie who became the first woman to hit 100lbs x 5!

Our Conditioning Circuit included more cleans but this time a power version with a push press
Here is a video demonstration:

20 Minutes
9 Hang to Overhead (65lb W, 95lb Men)
9 Chinups
9 Burpees

Havin' some fun:

Some Flickr Action


keturah said...

Hey Jerry, you are allowed to have some fun, correction, lots of fun. To those of you who don't know, Jerry is my trainer :) When people ask me if I work out, I just don't say yes, I say "I have a trainer and his name is Jerry, Jerry Hill at CrossFit Old Town".

Jerry Hill said...

Thanks Keturah!

While the heart and soul of CFOT is our dedicated team....I appreciate you always putting my name out there.

As CrossFit grows more folks in the area become interested more affiliates open and more people are introduced to CrossFit = All good!

With this growth in mind and as a CrossFit affiliate my unique market identity becomes my name; Jerry Hill. As uncomfortable as it was at first I'll be using my name more often.

It’s simple really; I love what I do, I believe in my program.

I was very competitive as an athlete and I am competitive as a coach. I want everyone on our team to succeed; I believe in everyone’s unlimited potential more then you can imagine. When someone succeeds, when you succeed...I celebrate...you celebrate...we celebrate. While we are shouting from the rooftops, posting pictures, documenting progress, giving testimonials...people are listening, folks are talking...I want them in my program; Jerry Hill's CrossFit Challenge, Jerry Hill's CrossFit Old Town. I want them training next to you…you are the inspiration, the success…I am the market identity and the guy who guards the gate making sure more good folks come in to succeed.

Wow, not sure where all that came from but I’m posting it!

In Strength,

Katie said...

AMEN! :)

georgia said...

I second that Amen and raise is a Hallelujah!