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Thursday, April 3, 2008

CrossFit; Front Squats, Barbell snatch, Ring Dips

Note how Andrea T racks the bar on her shoulders
She is pretty flexible yet she still has to get to her finger tips in order to keep her elbows high and bar resting on her shoulders

Note how in the bottom of her squat her elbows are still high and the bar is on her shoulders - her fingers gently keep the bar in place

Note how Wes is fully locked out at the top
His Head is back, arms and torso straight, not piked forward like an incomplete lockout is
Joel could use a bit wider grip here
This would help him keep the bar on his shoulders instead of his hands
His Elbows could be much higher but his A-double S can't get much lower
Joel is a DEEP-Squatter!

Wes is dialed in and focused on a strong pull Great extension and line of pull

Circuit 1:

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

Dumbbell Snatch x 4,4

Pushup x 8

Squat x 12

Circuit 2:

*3 rounds for time*

Ring Dips x 10

Front Squat x 20

Wallball Situp x 30

400 yard run

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