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Monday, April 21, 2008

CrossFit: Brand New 9:00 AM Class

Today at 9:00 AM, I started 4 brand new team members on their quest for the next fitness level...CrossFit is personal evolution and a fitness revolution!
We worked Squat form, then put it to action in a short Tabata circuit
We worked the kipping Pullup...
We introduced Kettlebell swings and Dumbbell push presses...
We put the new skills to action in a high intensity strength training circuit!
Great progress on the first day, awesome effort;
Shelly, Justine, Vinnie M, and Bryan!
Our early morning crew continued the quest for improved core strength and ring dip strength

Jessica handles the barbell Turkish Get-up!
Cara swings the 70lb Kettlebell, no problem!
Mike loads the 88lb Kb for a mightly swing...
Craig elevates the 88lber!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Welcome to the new Crossfit Old Town 9 am Crew!!!
I can't wait to see pictures, so we can get to know your faces.