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Friday, April 4, 2008

CrossFit Games


Misha's will be the official Coffee of the CrossFit Games!

So Andrea will be there...

Anyone else interested?

Also, there is an East Coast Challenge in Albany, NY


Finally, I hope to put together in May:

The Fittest Team Challenge!
An Elite Fitness Contest

Teams of 2 compete to Finish a CrossFit Workout Challenge

(working on it...)


georgia said...

Congrats, Andrea! That's awesome stuff.

These competitions look like a lot of fun. Can't do Albany b/c of work (2nd city, here I come) but Cali would be awesome! Can't wait for the hometown challenge too! How will teams be decided/created?

Jerry Hill said...

Cali is on the table...not sure where Andrea stands as far as competing...I think she would if she had teammates.

I wanted to do the team challenge at the end of April but it never got legs...you pick your teammate...initial thought was to run men's and womens teams but not coed.

There is another team challenge (teams of 4) in May (possibly the 18th) so I might wait to see who "Alexandria's fittest team" is until June or July.