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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CrossFit Team Challenge; Trevor Win'E Memorial Fund

On Sunday May 18th I plan on joining a CrossFit-Wide Effort to raise money for Cooling vest's that will go to our Warriors in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Teams of 4 will work together to complete

300 Pullups
400 Pushups
500 Situps
600 Squats

This is a timed team event, so these are accumulative reps. Only two members of the team can be exercising at a time.

Watch the Video here for the
Trevor Workout Demo

ALL Proceeds will go to the Trevor Win'E (pronounced "Win-Nay") Memorial Fund to provide cooling vests for our troops

CrossFit OldTown Alexandria invites you to invest in todays warriors well-being with a small donation and a whole lotta blood, sweat, and team camaraderie...

A team entry is $200, (The exact cost of a vest), so that is $50 a person.

Team entries are encouraged, however...
If you don't have a team, you can join individually and we will place you on a team.

Want to participate and contribute but $50 a bit over your charity fund?
No problem, donate what you can...

Start times and official entry forms will be posted soon.


Cara said...

I'm down Jerry - I look forward to you posting the details.

B-Dog said...

Hey Cara,

Looking for teammates?


Adrienne said...

Can I be on a team? I'm up for squats and situps.. would that be a downer?

georgia said...

I'll be on your team, Adrienne! So long as you nurse my rips afterwards :) Nursing my rips can include joining me for a Sunday brunch Michelada at Cantina Marina afterwards. Anyone else down for that?

Will post the idea on the forum tomorrow...

keturah said...

Me, me, me, I'm in. I promise I won't fall again. I am still feeling bad about the whole thing you know. Adrienne, maybe you and I can do squats and situps and Georgia and someone else can do chins and push ups.

Then again, maybe I should stay on a team by myself. :(

Cara said...

Pat - yes, yes I am! :-)