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Friday, April 25, 2008

CrossFit Old Town; "Grindy" and a youtube video

Team 0730:

Another Classic Old Town Effort!

You are focused, determined, progressing, and quite obviously havin' some fun in the process!

Notably absent was our CFOT birthday member of the day James...

Happy Birthday James -birthday in bed served by the kids?

Flickr Pictures of the action

Rx'd 85lb
Andrea 20:00 (perfect pushup)
Katie 29:33

Melanie 14:35
Elise 24:24
Elizabeth 25:04 (pp)
Kara 28:32
Sarah 30:10
Leslie 31:17 (pp)
Keturah 33:41 (pp)
Jessica 40:43
Kat 30:15 green, mod push

Noelle 30:00
Robin 35:07

Rx'd 135lb
Craig 18:53
Kevin 20:04
Pat 25:25
Gar 25:26
Brandon 31:10 (8 total cindy)

Chip 23:05
Steven 23:54
Danny 26:36
Aaron P 33:22
Terence 36:30

Blake 31:20
Vivek 34:15

30lb DB
Eric 31:48
Peter 32:45

Jen and Adrienne burned through a tough circuit together!

Team 0900 hit this:
*5 rounds*
Hang PC - PP x 5
Ring dips x 5
Pullups x 5
Squats x 15

Devon 18:45 (115lb)
David 19:48 (115lb)
Vinnie M 21:15 (85lb)


kAt said...

Friday's Grindy was a tough workout! Everyone worked very hard and showed good support.

Jen said...

That was a good one and it was good to work it with the Crew! It bugs me that the bar is not level on some of my Hang-powers. It's because my one shoulder is higher than the other...it will be better next time!!

Jerry Hill said...

Hey Kat!
Awesome work...great progress!

Jen, you gotta be psyched to be moving so well!