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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CrossFit OldTown; The Quickening

We Shot 39 People through the Workout Today, How Cool is That?

Check it out Here:
I Really liked this workout - I'm sure we'll hit it again - Please Post your Dumbbell and Kettlebell weight in Comments so we have a future reference.

1. ATB Circuit
6 minutes

2. RFR Circuit
"The Quickening"
3 rounds for time
400 Meter Run
20 Kettlebell High Pull
20 Dumbbell Push Press

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

YouTube; CrossFit workout "Eva"

Eva was about as crazy hard as it can get...


It's Hard, it's simple, it works...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Preview Class CrossFit Oldtown

We had 11 brand new CrossFit Prospects Walk through the door and experience a free trial workout tonight - We will do the same thing on Wednesday and Friday of this week ALL at 5:00PM - Next Monday May 5th begins our regular evening classes - Mon-Wed-Fri all at 5:00PM
Walking through the door and experiencing why and how our approach to fitness is so different then anything you’ve ever experienced is a tough first step for some - I've made it a whole lot easier by offering these free preview classes - Come on in and see what this whole CrossFit thing is about and why folks are talking about us.

Tonight, we introduced some core CrossFit movements and then rolled up our sleeves to have at some short, intense, and brutally effective tabata circuits

Core strength and conditioning; CrossFit Oldtown

Solid Progression on the Handstand, L-Sit Pullup, and Ring Dips Today!
Throw in our Turkish Get-ups and the first 25 minutes of class was all about some classic Core Strength

I often get asked; "I'm going away on vacation/tdy/etc what kind of workouts can I do?"

I could make a solid argument for simply practicing the Handstand and L-sit pullup...


Face it, while away from the Blue Room will you really get a classic metabolism stoking, lung searing, CrossFit Oldtown workout in?

Instead, you could simply have some fun working on skills and strength and do a whole lot more for your overall CrossFit game than you can imagine.

Your conditioning won't suffer that much, but the added strength and skill will be Oh so rewarding!

With that in mind, I’ve been sneaking in more "practice" as a warmup - this is important work - remember to have at it!

After the Core Strength Work we dialed in on some speed strength and the one arm Snatch
I saw some great pulls!

CrossFit Oldtown; freestanding handstand pushup

Aaron B gets his first freestanding handstand pushup!
You can tell from the video - he'll soon get multiple reps!

Crazy Strong!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

CrossFit Benchmark Workout; Eva's Birthday

I caught some great footage of your effort today during "Eva"
I sent it in to CrossFit HQ to see if they'll post it up!
Otherwise I'll YouTube it in the next day or 2

I have seen some gritty performances in the past few weeks - today was no exception
It took a lot of drive and determination to gut through this epic, torn-up hands and all!

I hope you realize how tough this workout was and how exceptional you all are!

Play Hard - Suffer Later...

Stacey 49:49
Charlie 54:55
Pat 57:00
Andrea 66:28
Gar 67:20
Elise 69:41
Blake 74:27
Kara 67:15 (20 chins rd 4&5)
Cara 71:27 (20 chins x 5 rounds)
Keturah 49:56 (400-20-20)
Peter 49:35 (400-12-20)
Wes 53:17 (400-10-20)
Brandon 52:32
Justine (3r x 400-20pink-20)
Adrienne 49:49 (800-30rr-30)

Friday, April 25, 2008

CrossFit Old Town; "Grindy" and a youtube video

Team 0730:

Another Classic Old Town Effort!

You are focused, determined, progressing, and quite obviously havin' some fun in the process!

Notably absent was our CFOT birthday member of the day James...

Happy Birthday James -birthday in bed served by the kids?

Flickr Pictures of the action

Rx'd 85lb
Andrea 20:00 (perfect pushup)
Katie 29:33

Melanie 14:35
Elise 24:24
Elizabeth 25:04 (pp)
Kara 28:32
Sarah 30:10
Leslie 31:17 (pp)
Keturah 33:41 (pp)
Jessica 40:43
Kat 30:15 green, mod push

Noelle 30:00
Robin 35:07

Rx'd 135lb
Craig 18:53
Kevin 20:04
Pat 25:25
Gar 25:26
Brandon 31:10 (8 total cindy)

Chip 23:05
Steven 23:54
Danny 26:36
Aaron P 33:22
Terence 36:30

Blake 31:20
Vivek 34:15

30lb DB
Eric 31:48
Peter 32:45

Jen and Adrienne burned through a tough circuit together!

Team 0900 hit this:
*5 rounds*
Hang PC - PP x 5
Ring dips x 5
Pullups x 5
Squats x 15

Devon 18:45 (115lb)
David 19:48 (115lb)
Vinnie M 21:15 (85lb)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

CrossFit Oldtown; Elise gets her Ring Dip

A quick little burner...

Great progress on the ring dips...
Building strength on our pullups...
Some barn-burners on the workout circuit!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CrossFit Old Town Birthday; Elizabeth

First off, a huge congrat's to Leslie (half Ironman) and Jack (Sprint triathlon) who competed last weekend by run, by bike, and by sea!

Jack has another sprint in late May
Leslie has a full Ironman in November

Secondly, Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

What an effort by our CFOT Team...

Tabata Fight Gone Bad and one to grow on...

Flickr Pictures

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

front sq, mash-up, 400 yard run cont...

Front Squat and tabata mash-up output
400 yard sprint:
Mike had the fastest time of the Day at 1:04!
Elizabeth smoked a 1:14!

4 Round Average:
Charlie 1:06
Mike 1:07
Steven 1:11
Terence 1:14
Craig 1:15
Pat 1:15
Elizabeth 1:16
Ben 1:17
Stacey 1:18
Devon 1:19
Georgia 1:21
Nick 1:21
Gar 1:24
Rebbia 1:25
Katie 1:26
Aaron 1:27
Cara 1:30
Blake 1:30
Elise 1:32
Jessica 1:33
Katie 1:34
Vivek 1:35
Andrea 1:40
Stuart 1:57
Wes 2:01
Kaii 2:15

What is CrossFit?


1. Pause Front Squats: 3 sec pause x 3 reps

2. Tabata Mashup (8 min circuit)
Pullups and Pushups

3. Run 400 yard every 3 min x 4 rounds

CrossFit Team Challenge; Trevor Win'E Memorial Fund

On Sunday May 18th I plan on joining a CrossFit-Wide Effort to raise money for Cooling vest's that will go to our Warriors in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Teams of 4 will work together to complete

300 Pullups
400 Pushups
500 Situps
600 Squats

This is a timed team event, so these are accumulative reps. Only two members of the team can be exercising at a time.

Watch the Video here for the
Trevor Workout Demo

ALL Proceeds will go to the Trevor Win'E (pronounced "Win-Nay") Memorial Fund to provide cooling vests for our troops

CrossFit OldTown Alexandria invites you to invest in todays warriors well-being with a small donation and a whole lotta blood, sweat, and team camaraderie...

A team entry is $200, (The exact cost of a vest), so that is $50 a person.

Team entries are encouraged, however...
If you don't have a team, you can join individually and we will place you on a team.

Want to participate and contribute but $50 a bit over your charity fund?
No problem, donate what you can...

Start times and official entry forms will be posted soon.

Monday, April 21, 2008

CrossFit: Brand New 9:00 AM Class

Today at 9:00 AM, I started 4 brand new team members on their quest for the next fitness level...CrossFit is personal evolution and a fitness revolution!
We worked Squat form, then put it to action in a short Tabata circuit
We worked the kipping Pullup...
We introduced Kettlebell swings and Dumbbell push presses...
We put the new skills to action in a high intensity strength training circuit!
Great progress on the first day, awesome effort;
Shelly, Justine, Vinnie M, and Bryan!
Our early morning crew continued the quest for improved core strength and ring dip strength

Jessica handles the barbell Turkish Get-up!
Cara swings the 70lb Kettlebell, no problem!
Mike loads the 88lb Kb for a mightly swing...
Craig elevates the 88lber!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jerry Hill CrossFit Challenge: The King of all Exercises

With a bit more time on Sunday...
We worked on the Hang Squat Clean for a solid 40 minutes!

Some excellent progress!

I really enjoyed the last 2 training sessions...
It feels great watching you all dial in on some of these tougher but oh so important movements...

The goal was to work up to a technically proficient and heavy Hang Squat Clean
We had some great efforts!
A shout out to Katie who became the first woman to hit 100lbs x 5!

Our Conditioning Circuit included more cleans but this time a power version with a push press
Here is a video demonstration:

20 Minutes
9 Hang to Overhead (65lb W, 95lb Men)
9 Chinups
9 Burpees

Havin' some fun:

Some Flickr Action

Friday, April 18, 2008

Crossfit in Alexandria; strict press and bodyweight circuit

Congrat's to those who hit some personal records in the 3 rep strict press...
Laura +11lb
Gar +7
Elise +7
McCall +7
Jessica +5
Mike M +5
Terrence +10
Charlie +20!

Stacey set the new high mark for women at 95lb x 3!
Matt D and Brandon tied Vin's 3 rep class record at 165lb!
Aaron P and Craig were close behind...

Potomac CrossFit was in the Blue Room representing a New Tee!
Charlie leaves a sweat track...

A look at some squat angles...
Some good, some with flaws...
We have discussed but a picture is worth 1,000 words

We spent the first 20 minutes of class working on our overhead strength.
Then finished with some high intensity bodyweight interval training:

Amrap in 5 minutes
4 Chinups
8 pushups
12 squat

Rest 90 seconds
Repeat for 4 total rounds