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Sunday, April 27, 2008

CrossFit Benchmark Workout; Eva's Birthday

I caught some great footage of your effort today during "Eva"
I sent it in to CrossFit HQ to see if they'll post it up!
Otherwise I'll YouTube it in the next day or 2

I have seen some gritty performances in the past few weeks - today was no exception
It took a lot of drive and determination to gut through this epic, torn-up hands and all!

I hope you realize how tough this workout was and how exceptional you all are!

Play Hard - Suffer Later...

Stacey 49:49
Charlie 54:55
Pat 57:00
Andrea 66:28
Gar 67:20
Elise 69:41
Blake 74:27
Kara 67:15 (20 chins rd 4&5)
Cara 71:27 (20 chins x 5 rounds)
Keturah 49:56 (400-20-20)
Peter 49:35 (400-12-20)
Wes 53:17 (400-10-20)
Brandon 52:32
Justine (3r x 400-20pink-20)
Adrienne 49:49 (800-30rr-30)


Katie said...

Great work today guys! What a gut busting workout! I'm sorry I missed this one!

georgia said...

Such an awesome effort, guys! I'm distraught I missed this one :(