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Thursday, April 17, 2008

CrossFit Old Town Benchmark; Elizabeth

We have been working hard at two of the most difficult and demanding movements in our functional exercise pool...

Squat Cleans and Ring Dips

We put our new skills to the test with a benchmark workout...

Rx 85lb Women
Stacey 7:28
Andrea 13:14
Amber 15:21

Katie 85lb 11:06 pink
Georgia 75lb 8:47 pink
Cara 75lb 10:05 pink
Laura 65lb 9:40 pink
Elise 65lb 10:41 floss
Keturah 65lb 10:42 pink
Sarah 65lb 10:51 blue
Kara 55lb 11:05 pink
Kat 45lb 11:30 blue

Rx 135lb Men
Mike 8:29
Jack 9:31
Craig 11:24
Matt 12:21

Dan 95lb 8:15
Danny 95lb 9:17
Charlie 75lb 11:40
Stuart 75lb 13:22 pink
Magoo 75lb 15:35 blue
Devon 135lb PC 13:22 9 dips
Matt M 75lb thruster 15:27
Brandon 95lb blue: 15/9

Adrienne Workout:
"The Hinterlands"
3 Rounds of:
800 meter run
50 Squat
50 Situp
(1:43 PR)

Workouts like this are a lot of fun for me
I get to see where we have progressed and then celebrate in your success
I also get to see where we need work so we can continue to develop

1 comment:

Cara said...

Even though I was fighting a cold, I really enjoyed this workout.

Next time - 85lbs!