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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jerry Hill's CrossFit Challenge; Celebrate Success

We have 2 more members to the 20 chin-up club!
Gar and Georgia hit 20 during "Angie"

Today we had some fun with Core Strength:
15 minutes of Turkish Get-ups
Work up to your Max
(I think Katie hit 50lb and Craig 95lb!)
Good to see the solid core and shoulder stabilization from all!

20 rep Modified Deadlift x 4 rounds
(you go, partner goes - work fast)
Hip Function and Glute/Ham/Back strength

Box Jump and Jumping Slamball Fun


georgia said...

Ain't nothing but a "G" thang, ba-by...

Congrats, Gar!

Honorable mention for "G" song choice: Now I'm a big "G", girls see I got the money, hundred dollar bills y'all...

Katie said...

Georgia, if you were from where I'm from... then you would know... ;)

Gar said...

Congrats G!