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Monday, April 7, 2008

CrossFit OT Alexandria; Ring Dips and Strict Press

I love the strict press

It teaches us so much about how our body functions

Understanding and perfecting the movement of the strict press will go a long way in improving your physical dominance over everyday life tasks - It breaks my heart to see fitness folks in gyms around the Nation sit down and press a machine weight overhead...

Now how about how far we've come with ring dips?!

Awesome work!

Keep challenging yourself to new progressions

Jumping ring dips to band ring dips

blue - pink - floss

Full depth (hands in arm-pits)

Full lockout (arms and torso straight, head back, chest up and shoulders back and down)

Kipping to strict

Strict to rings turn out

Rings turned out to a Bulgarian dip (A Danny Challenge!)

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keturah said...

I love the art work!

CFOT Kids t-shirt?