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Monday, May 19, 2008

Team 5p takes the BB Thruster test

Team 5p gutted through the same first half workout as the 4 morning classes...
A great opportunity to see early progress!

We have established a solid overhead position of support and core tension with team 5p from the get-go; you are quick learners, fun to coach, super motivated, and highly dedicated!

Output #1: Barbell thruster x a heavy yet perfect 5 reps

Output #2: Maximum reps with 80% load of Output #1

Output #3
*3 rounds for time*
800m Run
10 Hang power clean to a push press (95lb m, 55lb w)
15 Pullups
(Melissa and Adam forgot running shoes and hit what could be the worst forearm pumping circuit out there by subbing 1,000m row for the run - we'll call that substitution workout "Popeye")

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