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Thursday, May 15, 2008

5pm CrossFit and the deadlift

Excellent progress on the Deadlift team 5p!
The goal was to understand tension and proper posture, well done!
We quickly moved into a potent 20 minute metabolic circuit:
"Five and Dime"
Kudo's to Laura B who is putting together multiple kipping pullups!
Remember to move to a lighter band as soon as possible!

The Deadlift
"The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength. Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to “rev-up” your metabolism, increase strength or lean body mass, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic
performance, or maintain functional independence as a senior, the deadlift is a marked shortcut to that end."

~Greg Glassman


Adrienne said...

I've completely changed my deadlift form after the certification last weekend. I can't wait to work more on this movement in the am!

Koala Girl said...
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Justine said...

So, how does the deadlift manage to accomplish all that?

Jerry Hill said...

Here's one:
Doc: Many of my patients shouldn’t be doing the
Coach: Which one’s are those, Doc?
Doc: Many are elderly, marginally ambulatory, and
frail/feeble and osteoporotic.
Coach: Doc would you let such a patient, let’s say an
old woman, walk to the store to get cat food?
Doc: Sure, If the walk weren’t too far, I’d endorse it.
Coach: All right, suppose after walking home she
came up to the front door and realized that her keys
were in her pocket. Is she medically cleared to set the
bag down, get her keys out of her pocket, unlock the
door, pick the bag back up, and go in?
Doc: Of course, that’s essential activity
Coach: As I see it the only difference between us
is that I want to show her how to do this “essential
activity” safely and soundly and you don’t.
Doc: I see where you’re going. Good point.
Coach: Doc, we haven’t scratched the surface.

Jerry Hill said...

Hey Justine,
We can discuss more in class but here is a good start to dive deeper into What is Fitness?:

Check it out and see if it help answers why the deadlift accomplishes so much.