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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Lion of Fallujah Workout

This time last year we had a guest, Gabe, drop in for a workout right after our Nation had laid the Lion of Fallujah, Major Doug Zembiec to rest...

After CrossFit, Gabe and I talked more about the man he had served with, Maj. Zembiec

Gabe told me he had written and performed a CrossFit workout in his honor and I of course wanted to see how brutal it was! After seeing it I told him we at CrossFit Oldtown would perform it as well - Gabe then ripped the page right out of his notebook and said; "It's Yours".

That piece of paper has been on my desk for a year
Today, one day before the anniversary of his death we at CFOT remembered that
Warriors Never Die...

(click picture to enlarge)
It was a brutal workout that many scaled to 2 or 3 rounds
To help keep intensity high I tracked each round
Another incredible effort in the Blue Room!

Please continue to share with me the life and actions of your friends and family in theater so I can continue to celebrate their character and courage

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jwashell1 said...

I served with Maj. Zembiec when he was a 2nd Lt with B.Co 1/6. I remember some of these exercises, but alot of them for the most part i don't recognize by name. Could you please describe them please....
Thank You,