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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A look at hip extension, CrossFit Oldtown

We all can improved on our hip extension - I captured some good video of two of our top athletes push pressing 75lbs in high rep fashion - High rep push presses show the power of hip extension or muted hip extension - Some of us need more strength, others more conditioning, and others more efficient movement - Ah the beauty of CrossFit!


Adrienne said...

That is some pretty awesome hip drive! Very impressive... not to call you guys out on your age, but not only are these two of CFOT's super strong members, but they are among our oldest. High Fives!

Mike M said...

Adrienne, Thanks for the "among the oldest" you're too kind! Jerry is trying to overcome 30 years of bad habits on my part, no excuse though, I'll get there.