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Monday, May 19, 2008

CrossFit OldTown Team Trevor

A huge thanks to all those who participated in our Trevor Win'e Memorial Fund Workout!

A special thanks to Chip, Laura, and Jack who couldn't make the workout but generously donated. There are a few donations that might still come in today and tomorrow but it looks like we raised $1,000! This weekend affiliates Nation-wide will participate, so our $1,000 will go into a bigger pool to help make a difference.

The equipment demands and long term care of our troops is going to be a challenge financially for our Government - The effort and generosity of individual citizens will continue to make a difference - I hope to continue to have fund raisers quarterly and even announce a larger scale vision of how to help our wounded, ill, and injured at home...our generation cannot drop the ball on this.


Adrienne said...

Awesome work guys! Way to go for the full as prescribed version!!

Stuart said...

Thanks to everyone who participated but also a big thank you to Jerry for organizing and being willing to pull this together. Great cause!