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Monday, May 19, 2008

Youtube KB High Pull

Core Tension
Lumbar Curve
Postural Alignment

Lets Discuss!

Strong, Strong work on the Thrusters today!

I loved the tight core and solid overhead position!

As a note: most low-back and knee pain can be attributed to collapsing the core in the bottom of a squat. Lets continue to dial in on safe and efficient movement. A strong core will get you far in life!

Output #1: Barbell Thrusters x 5 perfect Reps

Output #2: 80% of Output #1 x 1 set of max reps

Output #3:
60 sec each clock never stops, track total reps
Kettlebell High Pull
Barbell Push Press
Box Jump
*5 Rounds*


Mike M said...

Self-critique: "Ugh."

Jerry Hill said...

Wait till you see the push press video!

Your core strength is phenomenal!
You rely on it heavily in most movements - If we can get more hip extension out of you watch out!

Most folks can't put themselves in the angles you do because their core strength isnt at your level...a strong core will get you far in life!

georgia said...

No wonder my back is sore after these...yikes! Thanks for filming these, Jerry. The difference between my mushy high pulls and Adrienne's sturdy ones is huge. So, sit the booty down, pull the shoulders back and suck in the gut?

Adrienne said...

After looking at my highpulls, I think that my elbow could be higher. I think it has to do with the swinging motion that I use to get the KB up. When I get tired that elbow falls right down. Something else to work on!

Jerry Hill said...

"So, sit the booty down, pull the shoulders back and suck in the gut?"

-Booty back, back, back...then down

- Extend the spine and raise the ribcage (same as suck in the gut and shoulders back)

You def roll your shoulders forward which seems to be the root of the problem...lets keep that KB at 35lb till this is dialed in.

I love discussing and making progress - CrossFit is a big wheel of strength and conditioning, there are always spokes to tighten!


Jerry Hill said...

Your Core is SOLID!

I know the 1-arm high pull tends to be "elbow back" verse "elbow high"...my buddies over at CF Philly/ Urban athlete might have a good youtube on this one.


Adrienne said...

cool Jerry.. I'll check 'em out.

Parth said...

Do these work the shoulders as well?