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Sunday, May 4, 2008

When Fran Kicks Down Your Font Door...

How ya gonna come...
With your hands above your head
Or on the trigger of your gun?

I saw 17 CrossFit Oldtowners come out swinging at Fran this morning...
Rx'd and scaled
Could have possibly been the most defining moment in our history
You went "All In" and did it with the kind of confidence and aggressiveness it takes to tackle Fran head-on for a personal record...this was a magical morning!

Chriss set an all time in house CrossFit Oldtown Record at 4:40!
He was flat out flying...Amazing output Super Sport!

In our history we have had 6 different women hit Fran as prescribed, this morning alone there were 7; Andrea T, Cara, Elise, Keturah, Laura, Andrea S, and Stacey!

So Many Personal Records, so many impressive performances - I'll report more on them all tomorrow...

We warmed up with Heavy Barbell Thrusters!
Did you like how I set that up for you?

Then the insanity...

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