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Monday, January 7, 2008

In Action Muscle up Video

Video from Todays Workout
Danny, Chriss, Vinnie, and Joel in Action
Awesome Work today!

A Previously published Coaching Tip: The Muscle Up


Adrienne said...

Awesome job guys! Totally inspiring.

Jerry Hill said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing where the muscle-up club goes this year!

joelio said...

great workout! that sandbag is a beast. I don't know if the awkward blue one was worse than the compact black one. At least the blue bag you can grip like a dead body and throw it over the shoulder.

btw- love the tunes during the workout! And bravo to brilliant person who choose John Waite's Change. I think the entire Vision Quest Soundtrack (sans Madonna songs) should be on there! Nothing like an 80's movie about High School Wrestling to get you pumped up!

Gar said...

Wow - Did not think anyone would pick up on the "Vision Quest" soundtrack - impresive.

Best songs from the soundtrack:
Change - Waite
Hungry for Heaven - Dio
Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider

joelio said...

Hell yeah! Vision Quest was my Dianetics in high school! I think I am going to watch it again tonight as a matter of fact.

Gar said...

Maybe we should start to refer to you as "Shoot"

joelio said...

I prefer Kooch.