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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CrossFit: "Karen", 2K row, Muscle-ups...

We concluded 2-days of Benchmarks and some Fun!

We hit 2 circuits each day, the first was either a benchmark 2,000 meter row or "Karen"
The second was members choice; there was a smorgasboard of Workouts posted. Some were simple but brutal, others took more skill and strength. It was fun to offer so much variety and to see what you picked.

Leslie smoked through "Karen" at 6:38!

Pat speed through a 2K row in only 7:14!

Our Muscle-up club even put up a benchmark workout
30 Muscle-ups for Time!
Chriss 5:26
Joel 10:52
Danny 12:14


keturah said...


After doing Meet the Spartans 300 workout on Monday and 2K Row on Tuesday, I could not roll over this morning. The good thing about pain is that you know you were doing something. So I've become truly grateful for the pain I endure at crossfit.

Anyway, I'm glad Jen Conlin is back out and on her feet again, sorry I miss you girl. Nice job everyone.

Kathryn said...

I'm sorry I missed this one but the Spartans got the better of my knee on Monday. Leave no doubt that I will return sooner rather than later....