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Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 workout shuffle

Today was another classic workout; it was great to see you all work together in small groups pushing hard side-by-side. There was amazing energy in the room! It was a nice opportunity for me to program in some unique movements for you to tackle. I have such confidence in your movement and ability; our evolution as a team has been outstanding!

Pick 2
Default is 10 Minutes
rest 5 minutes between each circuit

1. “Rawhide”
50 rope whips - 25 Kettlebell Swings
6 rounds or 10 minutes M=55lb, W=35lb

2. “Sandbag Clean and Jerk”
30 reps or 10 minutes M=80lb, W=50lb

2b. “Jumping Deck squat Slamball”
50 reps or 10 minutes

3. Row 2,000 meters

4. “Karen”
150 Wallball shots: For time or 10 minutes
W=12lb, M=15lb

5. “Core Strength”
L-sit Chinup x 4 - Hand Stand Pushup x 4 (10 rounds or 10 minutes)
(scaled version is 4 deadhands and 10 second Handstand hold)

5b. “Correlating”
Knees to Elbow x 5 -Hindu Pushup x 10 (10 minutes)
(scaled sub 20 situps for Knees to Elbow)

5c. “6 degrees”
One arm squat thrust x 5 - Situps x 20 (10 minutes)

6. “Push-Squat”: Descending Ladder
Push Press x 10 – Rock bottom squat jump x 20 (double the push press)
Push Press x 9 - Rock bottom squat jump x 18 (double the push press)
And so on…Can you complete it in 10 minutes?
W=65lb, M=95lb (Scale weights to your level)

6b. “Pull-Squat”: Ascending Ladder
Snatch x 1 – Rock bottom squat jump x 2 (double the Snatch)
Snatch x 2 – Rock bottom squat jump x 4 (double the Snatch)
And so on…How high can you go in 10 minutes?
W=65lb, M=95lb (Scale weights to your level)

7. “Chindy”
10 Chinups -15 Pushups - 20 Squats (10 minutes; can you do 5+ rounds?)

7b. “Plyo to the People” [Ascending ladder]
Plyo Pushup x 1 – Jumping Lunge x 2 (double the pushup)
Plyo Pushup x 2 – Jumping Lunge x 4 (double the pushup)
And so on…how many rounds in 10 minutes?

Please Leave Feedback in Comments:
Did you enjoy the format?
Were you happy with the circuits you picked?
Was there a circuit you would like to see again?


Kathryn said...

I'm sorry I missed this one! This one sounds like fun. We got home late from Falls Church last night so I was whooped, but I'd like an opportunity to do some of these if you want to throw them in a workout again.

Jerry Hill said...

It was a fun day!
What specific circuits do you want to tackle?

Ray said...

I'm totally stealing "Chindy".

Kathryn said...

2,000 meter row
Sandbag Clean Jerk
Push Squat

Any of those above.... :) Although, particularly the rowing and push squat. I need to work row form. I round when tired, and since last week I tried to do push presses twice instead of thrusters, I should probably do some to get them out of my system. :)

Adrienne said...

loved it! Want to do more.. how about a 3 hour workout. We'll do them all. grab something to eat afterwards.. and then pass out!

Jerry Hill said...

A Full “Chindy” if you are so inclined:

10 Chins – 15 Pushup – 20 Squat x 20 rounds or 30 minutes

I'll offer this up on Wed!

Jerry Hill said...

Thanks for the input...and thanks for the "Katie" on Friday!

3 hours of CrossFit?
Sounds like a party worth throwing!

Cara said...


I loved the sandbag clean and jerk! I'd definitely like to see more sandbag work incorporated into work outs!

I was happy with the circuits I picked, but I'd like a chance to tackle rawhide sometime in the near future!

Jerry Hill said...

I'll program in some bullwhips on Wed, it won't be "Rawhide" it'll be worse...

Strong work on the sandbags, it was fun to see you have at it!

keturah said...

Adrienne, I love that 3 hour idea. CFOT Anniversary is coming up.

Once I got a hang of that sandbag I was loving it.