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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sumo Deadlift

More In-Action Photo's

We spent some time learning how to safely and effectively lift a heavy to moderately heavy load off the ground!

Beside the functional NEED of this movement it's also a Killer for the:

Core/Mid-line stabilization (6-pack abs)
Posterior chain (Glutes, Hamstrings, Back)
Overall (relative) Strength
Efficiency of movement
And so much more!

Great work, we will continue...

It was a mix-mash today as we worked on similar movements in each class but everyone got a little different programming depending on needs.

Everyone worked the Deadlift
Others got a little:
Turkish Get-ups
Kettlebell Swings
Jumping Lunges
Tabata Situps

I would like to encourage our New members to start coming in on their preferred time slots and of course to come in more often.

We are a Training Hall for Elite fitness; everyday is different, everyday is aimed to help push your current fitness level while keeping an eye on long term development.

A Huge thanks to Andrea, Adrienne, Chriss, and Danny for their continued help in Coaching the Tues-Thurs 0600 Team. Their commitment to our program and our progress is a testimony to the dedicated team we have here at CrossFit Old Town Alexandria!

An extra mention goes out to Georgia who hit a Personal record of 9 chins, and to Robin who was within inches of her first official chinup...she will get it in the next few sessions!

"Don't Join an Easy Crowd; You won't Grow"
~J Rohn


Ray said...

Awesome work by everyone! Especially you Georgia, way to set another PR.

Good job on a skilled exercise we just don't get enough exposure too.

Adrienne said...

I think this may have been my first sumo deadlift attempt. I always thought it was a lift for really tall people.. ohhh how wrong I was!

Nice work all, especially Marcia. You looked rock solid. Way to go!

Jerry Hill said...

It was great to see everyone embrace this movement!

I too was surprised that the short people lifted well!

georgia said...

Thanks for the support, Ray! And for the shout out, Jerry. I was so excited I called & woke my mom up to tell her about it.

Bonus brownie points go to my bf who thinks my calluses are "hot". He's a keeper.

Where anyone else's calves on fire all day after Sumo?