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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fran and Muscle-ups: Including a new class record!

We hit our benchmark workout "Fran" today!
I also prepared a special workout for our Muscle-up club!
Incredible overall effort that saw a lot of personal records and a new class record for the women!

Team 0600 really stepped up
The vets led the charge and our new members followed suit
This was a first Fran effort for many of us
Katie became the 4th women to ever attempt Fran with pro weights
Laura and Robin stepped up in thruster weight
Chris went Pro and put up a sub-9 Fran
Kara went with full chins!
All of our New members put forth a huge effort and logged in a benchmark number today!

Team 0645 saw THREE women hit pro level weights!
Adrienne hit a new class record at 7:09!
Andrea hit the 2nd fastest time in class history at 7:50!
Karen took a huge leap and hit a Pro 9:54!

Chip pushed pro weights
Che bumped up a level to Pack

At 0730 Elise gave full chins a ride and bumped up to pack level!

The Muscle-up Club hit a special workout instead of Fran

"Muscling Fran"
*5 rounds for time*
95lb Thrusters x 9
Muscle-ups x 6
These guys are STRONG!

These guys are STRONG!

Chriss 10:22!
Vinnie 14:09
Joel 16+
Danny 14:39 3 rounds at 75lb Thruster


Adrienne said...

Great effort everyone! I just want to say what an awesome job to everyone. Special high fives to Katie for setting the bar with the pro weight at 6 am! I'm just so impressed with all of the output and so proud to be part of such an incredible team!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Adrienne! Great work today guys!

Jerry Hill said...

Inspiring work Adrienne and Katie!