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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pullup, handstand, L-sit practice; Team Training

Andrea T practicing that L-sit!
Melanie's listed in the dictionary under Determination
Danny Flies through bodyweight movements
The 0600 Men kick-it-in during the final minutes
Georgia has efficient Wallball shots!

Warmup = Practice and Skill:
15 Minutes
Category 1
L-sit Chins
Weighted Chins
Dead hang Chins
1/2 rep chins
Negative Chins
Work the Kip

Category 2
L-sit on floor
Wall Squat

WOD: Team Training
20 reps = 1 point for your team
Round 0ne
Kettlebell Swing
Jumping Dips

Round two
Box Jump
Jumping pullups

Team 0600
Men verse Women
1 Category tie
Women 4 - Men 1

Team 0645
3 on 3
Adrienne, Melanie, and David take 5 of 6!

Team 0730
Men verse Women
Joel and Vinnie manage 1 Category Tie
Elizabeth, Andrea T, and Katie H take the other 5

Women rule...

"A Team is a Group of People who may not be equal in experience, talent or education but in Commitment."
~P. Fripp

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