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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Epic Pain: "Boot the Bull" "Keep the Keel" "Crucible" "Back Splash" "Rightous" "Sidney" "Washboard"

In only his 5th Workout here at CrossFit Old Town Alexandria Aaron left one of the biggest pools of sweat Ive ever seen!
He hit "Keep Keel"
I think we'll keep Aaron around!
Welcome to the Team brother...
Speaking of Keepers...
In only his 3rd workout here at The Challenge Devon took on "Crucible"
Steven is our 0600 Psycho
He took on and destroyed the Epic Pain workout called
"Back Splash"

Melanie demonstrates the Standard for Knees-2-Elbow
Anything with less range of motion is scaling
If you can't hit this ROM yet, that's OK...but strive for Melanie's Standard
She hit 50 this way while crushing the workout called
Cara hit some really impressive triple extensions during
"Boot the Bull"
Jack is one of our best squatters and top athletes
A Squat barrier inhibits the proper range of motion for a really good squatter
Not everyone can hit this rock solid Thruster position (yet)...that is OK...we will keep working on it
To master the squat consider ditching the barrier and going Butt-to-Calves
Joel during "Sydney"
The workout demands Strength and Power...


andrea said...

Looks like I missed an awesome workout! Nice job everyone-the faces of pain in the pics have mr fired up for tomorrow!

Jerry Hill said...

We always miss your presence!
Killer work on Fran yesterday, glad you took a day off to recoup, see ya fresh tomorrow!


Vivek. said...

Thanks for the help on the rower, Jerry. I did see in one of the rowing videos how the distance the seat moves is a good measure of efficiency. I think what threw me off was watching a video that talked about how the lats are involved in the row, so I think I didn't quite get that point. I left my car in the repair shop until tomorrow, so I'm bummed I won't be able to come to class and keep up my streak. But I'll be back on Friday!