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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 2 of Epic Pain: "Chindy" "Back Splash" "Keep Keel" "Crucible" "Sidney"

Jumping Chins
Pull those fists to your chest and get your chin above the bar/rings
Anna keeps the standard on rep #20
Pushup Standards are even across the board
Men, Women, Veteran, Beginner
Awesome Work Keturah!
Karen "Kept Keel" and added 150 Kettlebell Swings to the Workout!
Andrea smoked through 12 rounds of "Chindy"
120 Chinups!
180 Chest to Deck Pushups
240 Butt-to-Calves Squats
Check the Slideshow for more...

Chriss was in Full Sprint Mode Today!
22:05 on "Keep Keel"
Sometimes Ya gotta jump that WallBall to hit the Proper Height!
Elise took on "Crucible"
Vinnie is a Pushup Machine and hits Range of Motion every single Rep!

Another Great Day here at The Challenge!

We concluded our 2-day Smorgasbord...
Awesome effort...


andrea said...

Great pics today Jerry! I especially love the shots of Anna...I see CrossFit Kids in our future!

Jerry Hill said...

Thanks Andrea!

I wanted to capture some form, range of motion, and unique aspects for our new January members to SEE.

Anna had just come home from Dance class Wed night, I was downstairs in "my office"...she says; "Daddy, you think I can put up some records on the board?"

Now my white board at home is for organization but Anna has quickly turned it into her Record board!

Last night Molly and Anna hit "Coffee table jumps for time".
Broad Jump from coffee table for distance...they hit 61 Team jumps then moved on to some ring work...too much fun!

Kathryn said...

Hey Crossfit has a kids page... I say you have your first two members. ;)