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Friday, January 11, 2008

Loading the Kip
This is where you create momentum in a horizontal plane
Note the hips, knees, feet, and Chest position

Creating vertical elevation
The hips, knees, and feet whip forward and UP...
Note the position
This movement is still free and easy because you have pre-loaded the Kip by creating momentum in a horizontal plane
The torso now moves back and up thanks to the hip, knee, and foot whip
You now have momentum in the vertical plane
Pull the elbows down and take advantage of momentum
Timing is critical

Pull those elbows down hard and pull your fists to your chest to get your chin over the bar

You can now reload the swinging kip by pulling your knees up as you drop back down again
This creates the fluid motion of once again creating momentum in the horizontal plane

The Catch
And Leg Drive


5 rounds
5 Ring Dips
12 Jumping ring dips

Workout Of the Day
with 45lb Barbell thrusters
with 65lb Barbell thrusters

Once through for time
Row 1,000 Meters
50 Thrusters
30 Pullups

and for the psycho's...
rest then repeat at half volume
the goal is to beat 50% of your previous time


georgia said...

Oh man! I missed some killer fun :(

Nice work, guys!

Adrienne said...

I may have to rethink my latest plan to rest on Friday and come back in on Saturday.. Are Friday's benchmark workouts??

Kathryn said...

Sorry I forgot to record the time Jerry... I was 22:38. Not a land speed record today... :(

Jerry Hill said...

22:38 with blood loss!

Next Friday could be some strength work and team work.

You would of loved the workout!

Lots of MIA this morning, musta been the storm?

keturah said...

Marvelous job everyone!

Adrienne, rest day is Sunday. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Adrienne said...

I'll be in tomorrow, Keturah. You look awesome in the pictures! What a kip.

Cara said...

Yeah - I was planning on coming in today - but my alarm didn't go off!! So I will be in tomorrow!

Damn - and I needed to practice my kip underhand!

Vivek. said...

It's been exactly a week since I got sick . . . I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things by Monday.

Jerry Hill said...

I'll be great to see you on Monday!