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Monday, January 21, 2008

Meet the Spartans a 300 parody workout

Meet The Spartans Movie Trailer:

There is a new movie due out this week, it's a parody on 300 called “Meet the Spartans”

I was inspired by Vinnie to look into this movie after he mentioned it in class…

Well, I dug deeper and found that similar to 300 the actors in this movie also went through a rigorous training regime to get in top shape. Much of the training is double top secret and hush-hush. I called my connections and manged to get a hold of their Rite of Passage Workout.

The rest of their training was also top notch and perhaps I'll reveal it later in a special report.

Apparently it's a new style of training called SloshFit
Here in the "Blue Room" we put it to the test:

"Meet the Spartans"
For time:
Floor Wipers 0
Pullups 25
Pushups 50
Push Press x 75 (55lb=W, 75lb=M)
Squats x 100
SDLHP x 75 (55lb=W, 75lb=M)
Pushups 50
Pullups 25
Floor Wipers 0

Yep, no irritating Floor Wipers...and apparently to prove their superiority they went to 400

Critics are saying it’s possibly the worst movie ever made…

Some might say the same about the workout!

24:53 Joel (Faster than King Leonidas himself)
25:59 Andrea (Stronger than Queen Gorgo!)
30:00 Danny
31:00 Vinnie
31:50 Karen
38:11 Katie
52:53 Keturah

27:51 Pat
29:05 Katie H
30:58 Noelle
34:43 James
35:04 Elise
37:10 Aaron
38:44 Vivek
41:27 Cara
43:20 Kara
45:33 Robin
47:34 Che
49:00 Andrea T

A fun day of Training, enjoy the Holiday!


Adrienne said...


I just registered. If you're interested do it quickly!


Kathryn said...

I have a feeling I'm going to be very sore tomorrow after all of this... :P

Cara said...

Damn - I am STILL sore from yesterday. That's what I get for doing all 400 reps....