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Monday, January 28, 2008

Callus Care Tips

Callous Care Tips:

Buy a Callus shaver – Not a stone or a file or some other product…get a callous shaver! Make sure you shave ONLY after a shower. The calluses need to be soft. If you shave calluses while dry it will cut too deep and you’ll have as big a problem as if it tore. BE SURE to shave 24 hours before a workout. You can get away with 12 hours if the next day is NOT a high volume chin/deadlift /KB workout…I have found my hands feel too soft if I shave right before a workout. I like to shave once a week.

Tears usually happen near the end of a high volume workout when you are sweating a lot. Keep drying your hands and using chalk liberally.

If you tear; go home and clean it thoroughly. Cut away excess callus and expose to air…it needs to dry out a bit at first….BUT not too dry…generally after 24 hours you’ll need to start applying ointment so it does not dry and crack (more problems). Bacitracin and Neosporin work well. Be careful of hydrogen peroxide use; you can use it once to clean after soap but after that it will dry the wound too quickly and lead to cracking.

Everyone will have their own advice; I can only tell you what I have seen work 100% of the time…proper prior planning!

In Strength,


Adrienne said...

I have to say that I feel a little left out. No callous tears for me today. :(
I have a little blister, but it'll be gone by tomorrow. Congrats to all of you hard a#$%s who finished with bloody hands today. JERKS!

Anonymous said...

Jerry - thanks for taking the time to write this. I will follow it from now on, and carry Neosporin with me everywhere. You should put up a video on how to shave a callus and Pat could add one about how to grind a callus.

georgia said...

Neosporin with Pain reliever is awesome!

Another nighttime method is to put the Neosporin on and wear gloves to bed. Socks on the hands work well too. Breaking a Vitamin E caplet and smearing it on then gloving it works wonders too.

joelio said...

Another good tip from Jack about the calluses: Don't forget to change the blade every so often. It makes the job a bit easier.