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Friday, January 4, 2008

Strengthening the Chain, Skill, Benchmarks, Records

James, Rob, Gar, and Steven rowed side-by-side vying for a personal record and class record in the 2,000 meter row. All 4 set Pr's; James took the honor of new class record (for a while).

Leslie worked her skill by jumping into our handstand pushup couplet. After, she pushed her strength and comfort level with some heavy barbell thrusters. Awesome!

Betsy is new team member but quickly got into a groove with high rep Wallball for time

Gar put up a 2k row within 4 seconds of the class record then moved on to some Handstand Work! How cool is that?

Danny scaled up and took on "Bull Fit" at 57% body weight!

Stacey is flat out FIT!
She had a record day;
5:55 "Bull Fit" at 65lb
8:38 2k row

Andrea helped coach the handstand at 0600 then put on an impressive handstand couplet performance at 0645!

Wes is now our best 2,000 meter rower!
He had James mark to shoot for and topped it by 2 seconds!
Wes has had the guts of a champion since day one in our program...today was a true crowning moment and a testimony to his fortitude.

Joel worked some Skill, Strength, and Endurance
The psycho hit 3 circuits today...

Partner Up With Someone of equal Strength
Pullup Ladders -Your choice of pullups
Scale according to your strength level
1. L-sit
2. dead hang
3. half rep
4. negative half rep
Members Choice
(Pick 2, rest 5 minutes between each)

1. "Bull Fit" complements of Coach Rut
For Time: 50% Body weight thruster x 75 reps (modification is your Fran weight)

1b. "Karen" For Time: 150 Wall Ball

2. For time: 2,000 meter row

3. 10 minutes AMRAP:
TGUx1, DB snatch x 2 (Left hand) TGUx1, DB snatch x 2 (Right hand)
TGUx2, DB snatch x 4 (Left hand) TGUx2, DB snatch x 4 (Right hand)
TGUx3, DB snatch x 6 (Left hand) TGUx2, DB snatch x 6 (Right hand)….

4. 10 minutes AMRAP: Handstand pushup x 5, squat x 25
4b. 10 min: Handstand HOLD x 10 sec, sq x 25
4c. 10 min: Hindu Pushups x 5, squat x 25

5. 10 minutes AMRAP: Burpees x 5, Situps x 20


georgia said...

Sorry I missed this morning. I have the sad excuse of a sick bedmate that needed TLC what seemed like every half hour. :(

Fortunately, I can run down to the company "gym" at lunch and bust out a few of these non-weights related skills. Thinking the handstand/squats and burpee/sit-ups are the best bet...

Adrienne said...

Awesome job guys! I'll hit what I can in my little big box gym tomorrow. I'll post results on the blog of Adrienne of course

Adrienne said...

Jerry, love the recommendations on the right hand side! Unfortunately, I won't be in class tomorrow. I'm getting a haircut, but I will be doing a Sunday morning workout on the exercist stairs. 9am! Everyone please feel free to meet me there! It's brutal, so bring water.
(515) 554-1406

Ray said...

The Exorcist is brutal. I have never done Adrienne's stairs without throwing up a little. Bring water and salt tablet. Gah.

Bull Fit is RIGHT up my alley! I can't WAIT to get some on that.

The blog is back up on crossfit.com:

I'm waiting to start my own blogger site like the well groomed and industrious adrienne. the blog of adrienne inspires me, as does everyone's progress! Congrats to the new row champs!

Rest Later!

Jerry Hill said...

This was a great workout day...lot's of positive feedback...expect to see similar again soon.

Good to see you back in action Ray!

Kathryn said...

I loved the handstands today! They were great! And Leslie you totally rocked out those thrusters! Awesome work!