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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I've got some in Action video of our rowing
Analyze your form with the technique video I sent you
In our Video I see:
Early arm bend on recovery phase and some early arm bend on the pull
Rounding of low back
Too ridged of upper back
Excessive shifting of body weight on toes in catch position
Some really great leg drive!
One heck of an effort!!
Lets discuss

0600 WOD:
Clock never stops
Row x 1 minute (track Calories)
Push Press x 1 minute (W=55lb, M=75lb)
Air Squat x 1 minute
Rest 2:00
Repeat for 4 rounds
Score total reps

0645 and 0730 WOD:
*For Time*
300 meter Row
20 Push Press (W=55lb, M=75lb)
40 Air squat
Rest 2 minutes
Repeat for 4 total intervals


Cara said...

This was such a humbling work out today!

Jerry Hill said...

Yes Cara!
The short bursts of Very High Intensity can be the toughest workout challenge there is.

It was a very sneaky little circuit. Great effort.

georgia said...

Loved the tunes, Jerry!

That, that, that, that don't kill (us) will only make (us) stronger...

Jerry Hill said...

Thanks for contributing your tunes!

You put forth one heck of an effort today...look at your final output...it's a testimony to your determination...you kept getting stronger!

2008 is going to be an amazing year for you, I'm psyched!

Cara said...

After watching the video - it seems like the biggest issue with form that people are having is this: They pull with their arms while they're already bending their legs to get back into the starting position. A lot of power is lost this way! Try to remember to pull with your arms while your legs are fully extended AND after you've leaned back a bit - this will increase a lot of people's power output!

A way to picture it is that the final position of your pull should be legs straight, torso back (not upright!), and arms bent. Then you release your arms, torso, and legs in quick succession. I hope this helps!