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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sumo Deadlift

Video of our Sumo Deadlift

It was great to see everyone make adjustments during the course of the Sumo Deadlift workout today. Efficiency of movement, muscular tension, and proper body mechanics are critical here. Even though I only captured a few of you on Video, be sure to study it so you can spot cues and body position. I gave enough feedback in class today that you should be able to see yourself in the video example.

The Deadlift is one of those Black Box movements that has a high carryover to everything else we do. The better you get at the deadlift the fitter you become (unless of course you miss ALL of our other workouts!). I have been putting an emphasis on strength and efficiency this winter; improvement in these areas is whats going to help take many of you to the next level. Your hard work in these areas was evident in the some of the strong "Fran" times posted earlier this week.

Another key to our continued success has been our dedication to The Zone!

Everyone in class is improving their fitness level, some are improving at a faster rate, and they are our Zoners. The majority of our team is now zoning, if you need help getting started ASK! Remember we now have a Forum, there already is some great information posted there and there are plenty of people who are willing to help you and share in their experience.

As inspiration I'll tell you what Chriss has done in only 3 weeks in The Zone:
Dropped 5 pounds and 3.4% bodyfat!
Chriss is already one of our top athletes; he is going to go through the roof this year!

Sumo Deadlift x 10 reps x 6 rounds
Work heavier each round if form is dead-on

Push Press OR Push up

Some notable T-Squat numbers were Leslie's 21, Steven's 20, and Elise's 20!

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Kathryn said...

That was some great work today on the deadlift! Thanks to the 645ers who "convinced" me to stay and lift heavier! That was fun!