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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our National Standard


Hard exercise and Zone eating works. Functional movements performed at high intensity coupled with detailed tracking of nutritional intake will take you further in 4-weeks than a lifetime of "exercising and eating healthy".


The later is what you'll read and hear as the common advice during "resolution season". When will our "Experts" stop dumbing it down? Wouldn't it be great to hear; "Bust your butt performing short brutal circuits", and for goodness sake; "push yourself away from the dinner table."

Be hungry, get mean...

Our Nation is spoon fed a soft sell on exercise and nutrition..."be more active", "drink more water"...UGH!

I want a commitment. 4-weeks is only a start, 3 months of our classes will change lives. I only ask for 2-weeks of perfection in the Zone, then it will all make sense and fall in place for you.

I'll ballpark that 40% of our class is zoning, with another 20% "testing the water"...you'll never find a more supportive atmosphere to make some major changes in your life.

Here's to Health & Fitness and changing our National standards...
I'm psyched that we're raising ours!


We broke out the playing cards and had some solid team training today to get through the Task at hand.

Awesome effort, good fun.

Thanks to Andrea and Adrienne for the excellent coaching help at 0600 and a warm Welcome to our 5 new members!

When you attack your health and fitness with passion, commitment, and effort you transform your mind. You soon become that mindset and perform at extraordinary levels in life.


georgia said...

Need extra motivation to get your sore limbs out of bed tomorrow morning? You could be one of the few people up early enough to catch what should be the best meteor shower of 2008! Check out http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20080103/sc_space/mustseemeteorshowerfridaymorning for more info on the Quadrantid meteor shower. Don't forget to make a wish or two...

Cara said...


The sad thing is, that for a lot of people - just walking 3xs a week and cutting out junk food WILL get them to lose weight/be healthier, because that's how sedentary our society is.

Although I do agree with you that the standards for fitness should be raised and not softened, there are many people in America who will have "success stories" from doing the minimum amount of activity, because they were so inactive beforehand!

Jerry Hill said...

Georgia, I missed the meteor shower! I need a "moon roof" on our facility!

Cara, you really didnt get the heart of my post...

Cara said...

I thought I understood it? I certainly agree that our standards of fitness and nutrition in the US are way too low! I was simply commenting that, for way too many people in our country, following the "soft" advice of "experts" will make a difference for them, as their lifestyles are so unhealthy to begin with. Not enough of a difference though!

Adrienne said...

to continue this discussion briefly.. the advice never works in the long run.. when people hear "eat healthy and exercise".. they think I need to do a little of that, and then my problem with my weight will be healed. What people truly need to hear is that things like the Zone & Crossfit need to be a lifestyle.. that is mainted forever. Only then will someone truly have success.