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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New members to the Muscle-up Club

Chriss poured a lot of heart, energy, and quality coaching into todays Muscle-up instruction...
Thanks a ton Chriss!
We are now a more skilled team thanks to you brother!

We all walked with a better understanding of how to Muscle-up; a few even walked away with some personal records...

Chris - First Muscle-up!
Melanie - First Muscle-up!
Elizabeth - First Muscle-up!
Mike - 5 Consecutive Muscle-ups!
Danny - 5 Consecutive extended MU's!
Joel - 11 Consecutive MU's!

A few really close attempts and some greater understanding by all who participated!

My thoughts are to have a follow up Skill day in a couple of weeks where we work both the Handstand and Muscle-up!

Video of Chris, Elizabeth, and Joel!


Adrienne said...

Awesome job to the ladies (Elizabeth & Melanie). All of that hard work finally paid off... I can't wait to have a video with 5 or 6 of the Old Town women powering through the muscle ups!

andrea said...

Awesome class Chriss! With a little time to practice the techniques we learned today I think a lot more of us will be joining the muscle up club soon! Way to go Mel and Elizabeth!!

Mike M said...

Chriss, Thanks for removing that 800 lb. gorilla from my back! Great instruction and coaching cues, it fianlly clicked. Way to go Melanie and Elizabeth, inspiring effort!

Pamela MacElree said...

Awesome work CF Challenge!!!!