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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Skill Work:

Line of Pull; Snatch

Drive hips and shrug

Elbows High and outside

Dive and flick

Active shoulder



As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes

8 Dumbbell Snatch (4 each side)

12 Air Squat



"Concrete Boots"


Grab ONE Dumbbell; use your Tabata Push Press Weight


15 DB Overhead Walking Lunge Left arm

15 DB Overhead Walking Lunge Right arm

15 DB Push Press Left arm

15 DB Push Press Right arm

30 DB Goblet Squats

Run 400 yards


*Scaled: 3, 4, 0r 5 rounds for time*



Jerry Hill said...

3 rounds:
Mel 19:44
Julie 21:50
Jud 21:50
Robin 22:38
Blake 22:59
Noelle 23:23
Cara 26:45
Dave 28:09
Andrea T. 33:52

4 rounds:
Leslie 20:38
Karen 22:09
Rob 22:26
Laura 22:59
Sarah 23:05
Elise 24:32
Elizabeth 23:43
Ray 24:20
James 24:52
Vivek 26:03
Mike 26:45
Matt 30:24

5 rounds:
Jack 23:56
Steven 25:04
Rick 25:14
Joel 25:27

Cara said...

Great job everyone - this one was a killer!

John Frazer said...


How do you pick your Tabata push press weight?

Jerry Hill said...

Hey John,

We regularly test our DB Tabata Push Press...everyone has their weight and score on the whiteboard...it's been a great indicator and motivator.

Our general rule of thumb is once you hit a tabata 12 it's time to start thinking about moving up in weight...13 or 14 is a no brainer to move up.

Not having seen you specifically on this, but having seen you in action I'd venture a good starting weight to be around 30lbs.

In Strength,
This workout was a psychological demon

John Frazer said...

Thanks, Jerry -- will have to take a whack at that soon!

Lauris said...

This was a great workout, I love the name too!

I did this last night, only 3 rounds w/ 15 lbs in 19:something (I forgot to start my watch). I took a few days off after the race this weekend, so was feeling a little out of it.

Everyone is looking great!