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Monday, October 15, 2007

"Nasty Girls"

In todays workout 3 team members used the "Pro level" Power clean Weight. Two team members completed the workout hitting every single muscle-up but they scaled the power clean weight to "pack" level. So, nobody hit todays workout as prescribed.

Many of you stepped up to hit a heavier power clean weight then you've ever attempted before, inspiring work...but I have to wonder; how many will we have hitting this workout with "pro" weights or "as prescribed" in 3 months, 6 months, a year?

A year? How about 2 years? Yes, you will see improvement in a few short workouts but the progress never ends! There is always something more to work on, to strive for, to challenge you. I want you on board and clicking on all cylinders ASAP...so we can hammer through the progression, get you to your first goal and then dream beyond...

Expect more "just out of reach" challenges coming your way...there is no bar set for you, it's an evil mirage that limits creativity, imagination, and dreams...leave that baggage in the past, leave it for others to wallow in...Yes you will stumble, yes you will occasionally fall short of personal expectations you placed on yourself...strive on...pick yourself up...it's failing that leads to success...CrossFit Old Town is a tough lot, a rare breed...

Now who's ready for "Murph"!?!?


dievommond said...
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Adrienne said...

I am surprised by your assessment of Crossfit. I trained under the Royal ballet style for nearly eight years. It gave me a great base for the kind of workout I do now. It taught me the importance of body alignment and body lines as well as strength. I wouldn't be able to do what I do now without the dedication and discipline I learned from dance.

Instead of saying ballet is better, you may be interested in learning more about Crossfit. You would see that the basic movement, which are at the heart of this workout style, would help improve your core (used in pirouettes and just about every other skill movement) as well as your leg strength (used to create an explosive grande jete and other leaps). Just a thought. I hope you take another look at Crossfit.

Jerry Hill said...

You are quick!

In general, I simply remove the critics...your response is excellent though!

In Strength,

Adrienne said...

I saw you removed the post, which is understandable. You are quick as well! It's very true. I think the exercises truly go hand in hand.

Jen said...

Adrienne, nice come back sister. I miss you all and will be in on Thrusday.
Keep doing what you do.