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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Landmark numbers

How many Pullups can you do?
What is a really challenging number for you to strive for?
Your first?
How about 40?

It's good to put numbers in your head...to think about some worthwhile milestone. When you reach it you'll smile and bask for a moment in your accomplishment...

Later that night, you'll start planning for your next goal, your next number...

It's the nature of the beast.

It's time to make a certain Team members personal goal a public one.
Mike celebrates a birthday at the end of the year, (December 29th), I won't say how old he'll be but I will share his goal; 43 pullups.

How's that number make you feel?

Anyone want to join "The Silent Storm" in his quest for 43?

OK, how about this...What number is a challenge for you?

Post it up in the comments...how many chins would you like by years end?

Don't cut yourself short or you won't get excited about it...make it something tough, something that might give you "butterflies"...something you'll have to reach deep for.

We blasted out Two Simple but effective circuits this morning.
The first was a short circuit with numbers set to keep intensity high
For Time:
20 Slamball
10 Wall Ball
Run 400 yards
15 Slamball
15 Wall Ball
Run 400 yards
10 Slamball
20 Wall Ball
Run 400 yards
We headed inside for a sneaky little circuit
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
15 Kettlebell Swings
5 Perfect Pushups
15 Jumping Pullups
5 Perfect Pushups
15 Situps
5 Perfect Pushups


Jerry Hill said...


Leslie 7:59 - 7.5r
Robin 10:20 - 6r
Keturah 10:20 - 4.5r
Chris 11:54 - 6r
Andrea T 13:27 - 4.33r

Cara said...

My goal by years end is to get in at least one pull-up without any assistance bands. Currently, I can get 5 in a row on the pink band. I started off 3 months ago on the thick blue band? Doable? I think so!

Jerry Hill said...

Your Kip is VERY powerful...congrats on the progress

1st goal: get to the thin band ASAP!

The full chin will follow...

Leslie said...

1 M-Up
25 chins!!!

Adrienne said...

1 muscleup
(since I just turned 26.. I'll say 27 chins by the time I turned 27)

keturah said...


1. Shave calluses
2. 1 Hand stand
3. 1 Musle up
4. 20 chin up
5. Run 1 Mile under 10 Minutes

Cara said...

Heh - I love your "shave calluses" goal Keturah - that's one we have in common!!

Jerry Hill said...

A new member to the chin-up club and 3 new members to the 20+ club...Awesome!

And Yes, the Muscle-up!
One of you will break the barrier first...this will open the gate for others to follow...

jack said...

can't leave mike doing 43 chins on his own...sign me up!

oh, and add 12 muscle ups to that goal too!

Elizabeth said...

I'll go for 30 chins and 1 muscle up! Good luck everybody!

Cara said...

I also want to add to my goals on here to make a 200lb deadlift by the New Year!

Joel said...

i'll join that 40+ chins group along with 10+ muscle ups.

what did i just sign up for????