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Friday, October 26, 2007

Tabatta alotta version 2.0

1. Tabata "Sell-Out"
20 sec of work 10 sec of rest for 8 intervals
Count total reps
Keep track of numbers from individual movements
2. Classic Tabata
DB Push Press
Score least amount of reps in any given interval
3. Four Minute KB Swing Test
Score total reps
Swing Bell convincingly above eye level
Kudo's to all of those who continue to step up to a heavier DB and KB!
Che, Cara, and Andrea T grab the 45lb KB!
We now have a "pro level" pushup;
Hands on KB or DB!
Embracing this extended range of motion will have a dramatic impact on your overall strength progress
Who's in?


Adrienne said...

I am missing so much Crossfit fun!! Congrats on the heavier weights Che, Cara and Andrea. That is awesome. How is it that I am always missing out on Tabata alotta days? I can't figure out if it's lucky or not. I miss you all a ton and I can't wait to get back tomorrow. I'll see some of you Saturday and the rest of you I'll see on Monday!

Jerry Hill said...

Excel Spreadsheet of Today's Output

Works Spreadsheet of today's WOD

Jerry Hill said...


Yes, you owe a Tabata alotta!

Lot's of folks steppin up the last few workouts.

Sarah, Leslie, Karen, Cara, and Che hitting 20lb Push Press...AndreaS went for 30lbers today! She made it through 6 rounds then had a visit from a mean and nasty clown...

The 72lb Bell was flyin' high today also...time for me to buy 1 or 2 more.