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Monday, October 8, 2007

300 Workout, Columbus Day

The Columbus Day "300 Workout" was a right of passage workout for all of those who sailed the ocean blue back in 1492...

Legend has it that only those who completed the workout were deemed fit for voyage...

A special thanks to the CrossFit Columbus Association of Alexandria for trusting us with this original workout...

The 300 Workout
"Columbus's right of passage"

For Time:
30 Chinups
30 Hang power cleans to a push press
(75lb men, 45lb women)
30 CrossFit Kettlebell Swings
30 Ring Dips
30 Perfect Pushups
30 Dumbbell thrusters
(25lb Men, 15lb Women)
30 Deck Squat Slamball
30 Box Jump
30 (Each Leg) Jumping Lunge
30 Chins

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Jerry Hill said...

Adrienne 28:19 20lb thruster
Leslie 30:35
Elizabeth 33:45
Keturah 55:00
Elise 35:31 thin
Karen 36:12 thin
Melanie 32:45 thin
Sarah 34:07 thin
Cara 41:35 pink-blue
Noelle 40:29 blue-green
Katie H 33:02 green
Katie F 34:58 green
Che 36:07 jumping
Andrea T “200”

Mike 21:57 30lb thruster
Jack 22:01 30lb thruster
Ray 22:04 30lb thruster
Vinnie 25:43 30lb thruster
Matt 28:09 30lb thruster
Steven 30:31
Vivek 30:43
James 39:09
Jud 29:47 pink
Gar 31:03 jumping

Raymond said...

Wow... what a smoker. Great work everyone! I'm so happy to see hang power cleans filling a spot in our mon/wens/fri routine!

Cara said...

This workout left me SO sore!! Although, how often can I say that I ripped a callus and kept going with the pull-ups? :)

Kathryn said...

I got up this morning and made the mistake of trying to go swim... that didn't work out so well since I can't really raise my arms... I second Cara's comment... I am sore! It sure was a doozy!

Lauris said...

What a great workout, my time: 26:05 w/ 20 lb DBs and I subbed deck squat slam ball for deck squat wall ball shots.

Unknown said...

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