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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Epic...

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”
- John Wayne

No scaling today
Lots of blood, sweat, guts, and grit though
Women=45lb thrusters
Men=75lb thrusters
For Total Time:
Run 3 laps (.66mile)
3 rounds:
Thrusters x 15
Chins x 10
Run 2 laps (.44 mile)
2 rounds:
Thrusters x 15
Chins x 10
Run 1 lap (.22mile)
1 round:
Thrusters x 15
Chins x 10
AndreaT 71:28
Cara 68:40
James 64:35
Dave 64:17
TerrenceE 63:57
TerrenceC 60:02
Noelle 57:58
Danny 51:09
Vivek 45:59
Gar 44:43
Julie 44:17
TerrenceB 43:20
Elise 41:22
Jud 38:07
Sarah 37:20
Rob 36:33
Vinny 31:02
Elizabeth 30:55
Steven 29:07
Leslie 28:53
Jack 28:35
Adrienne 27:48


Cara said...

I can't believe I finished this work out - I just wanted to cry and quite during the first and second rounds.

I have to say though, finishing - with you all not letting me make any excuses, was wonderful. Thanks for the support!

Cara said...

Hey - what do you mean no scaling! I saw some people on the 20lb dumbbells! Then again, in some ways, 20lb dumbbells is harder than a 45lb barbell!

Adrienne said...

Does anyone else's lungs hurt? The temperature change from hot to cold did something strange to me and my breathing.


Adrienne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cara said...

Nope - but the last time I ran in the cold (a couple of years ago) my lungs hurt all day.

danny said...

27:48 is why your lungs hurt.