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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A tough CrossFit workout with a moderately heavy load and unsustainable pace will cause a confrontation.


Do your best, no more, no less

Be relentless in each approach


Be forgiving in your self analysis

Your willingness to step into a workout and fight through your pain is a refection of your strength…use this emotion, this pain as a reminder of how tough you truly are.
0600: Conditioning
Skill Work: Medicine Ball Clean
Intro Circuit: 6 Set Tabata "Sell Out"
Box Jump
"Top Heavy"
As many Rounds as you can in 20 Minutes
5 Chins
10 Jumping Ring Dips
15 Push Press
0645: Barbell Power
Hang Power Clean x 5, 5, 3, 3, 1
Strength Couplet:
"Dock Work"
21-15-9 style
For time
Hang Clean x 21
Strict Press x 7
Push Press x 7
Push Jerk x 7
Hang Clean x 15
Strict Press x 5
Push Press x 5
Push Jerk x 5
Hang Clean x 9
Strict Press x 3
Push Press x 3
Push Jerk x 3
Pro Women = 85 Clean, 65 Press
Pack Women = 55 Clean, 45 press
Pro Men = 135 Clean, 95 Press
Pack Men = 105 Clean, 75 Press


Jerry Hill said...

Name – Sell out – top heavy

Rob – 169 – 9
Katie 108 – 7.33
Magoo 108 – 7.33
Che – 97 – 7
Terence – 104 - ?

Max clean - dock work

Melanie 75x3, 80x1 – 6:09 pack
Sarah 70x3 (miss at 75) – 7:39 pack
Andrea 100x1, 85x5 – 12:11 pro
Ray 140x1, 135x3 – 6:29 pack
Jud 215x1 - 7:17 pro
Vinnie 215x1 - 8:55 pro

Adrienne said...

I am missing out on so much good, fun pain! You guys look awesome. I can't believe you followed Wednesday's workout up with this one!! Way to go.

Adrienne (enjoying a cloudy day at the beach)

Cara said...

Holy crap - I missed quite a workout!! Damn!

Jerry Hill said...


I forgot to post up the action photos!
Killer work today by all!

Raymond said...

Anyone else's neck and collar chewed up like a dog's bone? I guess that's what I get for letting the bar crash... Awesome workout that I can't WAIT to do again. Mel, you're an amazing motivator, thanks so much!

Mike M said...

Thanks for getting this up early Jerry. I hit 200x1 and 7:50 for the PRO 'Dock Work' it was intimidating to read and painful to execute!

Raymond said...

Way to go your own Mike!

Lauris said...

Talk about an unsustainable pace! This workout was one of the worst, or should that be best, that I've done. I had shaky hands and couldn't pick up my car keys after doing this workout.

I did the dock work with 85x5, 95x3 and 105x1, then the pro weights in 11:20 (last Friday).

I couldn't get rid of the concrete boots for a few days from the Wed workout!