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Monday, October 15, 2007


Jack tore it up today!

A CrossFit Classic
"Nasty Girls"
3 rounds for time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle ups
10 Barbell Hang Power Clean

PC Level - Men - Women
Pro: 135lbs - 85lbs
Pack: 105lbs - 65lbs
Porch: 85lbs - 45lbs

Muscle-up subs:
14 Jumping MU per round
40 Mat dips, 20 chins per round


Jen said...

Whoot, you all kick ass! Nice work!

Jerry Hill said...
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Cara said...

I actually did the pack weight (65lbs), but only did two rounds, due to intense pain in my arms. Here's to being able to finish the 60% Murph!

Jerry Hill said...

All Muscle-ups:
Jack 14:17 "pack"
Ray 17:08 "pack"

"Pro" modified MU:
Adrienne 18:30
Feng 19:15
Mike 21:26
Andrea S 27:27

"Pack" modified MU:
Rob 20:23
Rick 22:07
Melanie 23:48
Keturah 33:30
Cara 28:58 (2 rounds)

"Porch" modified MU:
Vivek 15:57
Leslie 21:32
Steven 22:38
Che 30:32
Andrea T 31:47
Noelle 35:29
Julie timed out…
James timed out…

Swings for Cleans:
Gar 32:30

65lb Clean:
Danny: 25:16
Terrance 26:59

Jerry Hill said...

Way to go Cara you strong psycho!

Lauris said...

This is now one of my favorite workouts!

I did the pro level weights with jumping MUs in 16:18.

I wasn't sure how high/low to set the rings up, so I ended up having the bottom of the rings at the level of my mouth when standing up. That made it tough, I had a few misses, but still (painfully) do-able.