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Monday, March 24, 2008


We shot the chocolate bunnies straight outta the system with a dynamic warm-up that included some burpees - Gave the Abs the proper treatment they deserve now that beach season is on the horizon with a killer Core Circuit - Then satisfied the CrossFit itch by battling "Fran"...

Congrat's on the hard effort and personal records!

Stacey set a new all time over-all class record at 4:43!

Gar logged in the fastest Fran for men at 7:75!

(A 4:22 improvement)

Elise knocked 5 minutes off her personal record!

Che` knocked 1:23 off her time AND moved up to Pro weights!

More smokin' PR's...Shout em' out!

CrossFit Old Town Top Pro level "Fran" Times:

(Bold = Done today)

Stacey 4:43
Adrienne 7:09
Andrea 7:35
Lauris 8:55
Karen 9:54
Katie 11:39

Mike 4:54
Eugene 5:24
Jack 5:45
Miles 6:45
Vinnie 6:57
Chriss 7:14
Joel 7:20
Ray 7:24
Gar 7:45
Chip 8:04
Craig 8:24
Chris 8:40
Pat 9:13
Danny 10:53
Steven 11:42

Jan 15th Fran

Dec 06th Fran

Sept 12th Fran


Katie said...

Are we hitting Fran tomorrow?

Jerry Hill said...

We hit it Today!

Gone are the days of repeats...
Tomorrow is a new Challenge!

Jerry Hill said...

(I am sorry you missed it though Katie)...

Adrienne said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Way to go Stacey. Everyday I'd look at that record board and think to myself.. just wait until Stacey hits this workout. She'll kill my time. I love it when I'm right. Great job to you and everyone else who pushed hard today!

Stacey said...

Adrienne, Thank YOU, Andrea, and Danny for teaching me the "kipping pull-up"! It made all the difference. Also I must say that Gar was amazing, he had perfect form throughout. The best thrusters I have seen!