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Thursday, March 27, 2008

CrossFit in the NY Times

"...Even if handstand pushups have no place in your life, there’s something eye-opening and even inspiring about the site’s aggressive ambitions for the human body. Like urban-gymnast traceurs and other daredevils who have come into their own on digital video, CrossFitters offer themselves as evidence that people are capable of more than merely giving up sugar for Splenda and taking the stairs occasionally; according to the CrossFit creed, they can and should also be prepared to fell trees, tame bulls and carry families of four on their backs. Olympians, soldiers, police officers, firefighters and devoted fitness amateurs convene on the site, reveling in max squats and circus-strongman stunts, which they repeat as many as 100 times per workout...."


What did you think of the article?


Adrienne said...

I loved this article. I passed it out to everyone I work with, so they could get a good idea about what it is I do. I thought the journalist really got it on top of being a great writer.

On a side note, it made me very proud to be a Crossfitter.

B-Dog said...

I agree! I think the writer captured both the philosophy of CF as well as the culture of its practitioners.

There's a level of personal commitment needed for CF that tends to make it look a bit like a cult.

There's a world of difference between pride and self-esteem. I think that CF is a better community because I'm part of it, rather than feeling proud of myself for being part of CF.


Cara said...

I too felt proud when I read the article - although in passing it along to some friends and my parents, they seem a bit unsure!!