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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Absolute and Relative bodyweight Strength

A special Mention to Aaron and Vinnie who both hit bodyweight Strict presses today!
Strict Press - Warmup and work up to your 1 rep max, once the full lock is complete the timer starts its countdown of 1 minute and 30 seconds - run to the pullup bar and get as many pullups as you can in the remaining time - Multiply the Max load in your strict press by the number of chinups you were able to hit.

(above) Murderers Row For The Kettlebell High Pull - Gar has been man-handling the 88lber, time to get a heavier one?

(above) Stacy puts in the effort day in day out and continues to progress - today she became our first 100lb strict presser, last week she churned out a 1:45.9 500 meter row - She is an amazing athlete and like many on our CFOT team inspires us all to strive for more and Rest Later...

(above) Steven is as tough as tough gets...

(above) Pat has really dialed in all-around - a Solid press to go with an impressive kip

(above) Georgia is witty and inspiring - this girl is legit-CrossFit too

(above) Katie is enjoying her spring break and getting her CrossFit groove back - a solid 75lb press with a close miss at 85lb!


After the "Strictpull" Test we burned through this little gem

AMRAP in 20 Min:

5 Strict press with 70% your max (just lifted)

10 Burpees

15 Kettlebell High Pulls (go heavy)

1 comment:

georgia said...

If they were going to create a cartoon character inspired by Stacy it would be an ant. Like an ant, she can lift incredible amounts of weight but you'd never guess it just passing her in the grocery store.

1:45 row is insane!