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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Spring Time Chipper

It was 55 degrees at 0500, the warmest morning of the year...
I had to program in a run...our first in a long while!
How did it feel?

You guys rocked this workout!
There was a lot going on and everyone forged through!

*once through for time*
Run .6 miles
Row 1,000 meters
Jumping Lunge x 20 each leg
Body weight Deadlift x 20
Ring Dips x 20
Burpees x 20
Chins x 20
Deck Squat jumping slamball x 20
Rest Later...


georgia said...

It was great to get outside and enjoy the weather with a good run...the ring dips were not as much fun.

Jerry Hill said...

But you kick-butt on the dips!

Your range of motion is stellar, thus the agony?

Cara said...

Wow - 20 bodyweight DL? I'm sorry I missed this one! Damn early meeting....

georgia said...

Thanks, Jerry! I'm trying to keep full range of motion so that someday I can be a part of the multiple muscle up club. :)